There are certain steps a company can take to ensure safety when their product is being used. Hussey Seating makes sure to roll the edges of all understructure steel to prevent sharp edges, they have always used closed loop railing so that backpacks, purses and other things can’t get snagged accidentally and cause an injury to someone. What they can’t ensure all the time is that their product is being used correctly every time. They can teach and install to standards, but ensuring that aisle railing were always positioned correctly after the bleachers were extended wasn’t something they could do feasibly. After sitting down to brainstorm how to resolve this problem they came up with the Auto Rotating Center Safety Aisle system. Their revolutionary patent pending system has permanently mounted rails that are turned out in the correct direction by the motion of the bleachers extending. And likewise as the bleachers are pulled back in the railing drops and turns for safe storage. If you are interested in learning more about Hussey’s Auto Rotating Center rail for your school’s gymnasium renovation call our Chicago office design team at 847-434-0909.