Lockers. Sure, they mean storage, but often they can mean so much more than that. While the term itself may evoke memories of junior high school, the simple reality is that lockers have moved beyond the halls of education. You’ll find them in every police and fire station around the country. You find them on military bases, in sports and rec centers, in the dressing rooms of many healthcare facilities, and yes, even in schools. Not just one locker can possibility fit all of those needs, right? So where’s the innovation? Everywhere you turn.


Metal. L junior-high-lockersockers are all made of metal, right? Nope. Plastic, metal, steel, wood. . .Is there a material out there that lockers aren’t made of? Probably not. What’s more, though, is that we’ll help you find both the ideal material and the perfect look to help meet your needs.


Small. Big. Medium. Tiny. Lockers these days come in all shapes and sizes. If you need a spot for patrons to store their shoes while they go ice skating, we can help. If you need the right size to hold firearms while your officers are off-duty, we can help there too. No matter what the size, there’s a right fit for anything your patrons, employees, or students need to store.

Storage Ability

Books. Backpacks. Wet Gear. Dangerous Materials. Not every locker will store the same stuff. They’re made to hold all sorts of things, so finding the ideal choice to store yours can be tough. Let us help with our start to finish services.


Attached. Unattached. Flexible. Electronic. Mobile. All of them describe today’s lockers. Design is perhaps the most innovative feature in the world of lockers today, so from recharging stations for employee PCs to secure evidence lockers with a pass-through spot for law enforcement, our designs are some of the hottest new choices in the industry.

To find the right lockers to meet your needs, please take contact Carroll Seating Company today. From start to finish, we’ll help you design, install, and even service the right storage systems to meet your needs.