There is perhaps no space in an educational environment that must be so conducive to learning as the law library. While the materials provided are certainly an integral part of the experience, so too is the area. At Carroll Seating Company, we’ve been working to provide beautiful law library spaces for more than half a century.

Creating the Space

As you begin your redesign, start by thinking about the style you want to create in your space. You’re looking for a balance of the functionality students and professors need as well as the beauty of that is a must for efficient operations. What’s more, though, is that you not only need to think in terms of study carrels and great reading spaces, but you may also need to make meeting spaces available for students and staff. The casework you choose should also be a consideration as you begin making your plans.

Our Role

At Carroll Seating Company, Law Library redesignwe work to find the best way to create the space you want without compromise. Here you’ll find efficient designs that look as amazing as they feel. We offer a variety of options from customized casework to comfortable seating.

  • Our Bookcases: When it comes to space to store materials, we offer easy to access, durable selections that meet both traditional and modular designs so you get the level of flexibility you want.
  • Our Seating: Today’s students are used to that café feel when they walk into a space like yours, so designing comfortable seating areas for browsing or research purposes is a must. We offer an entire line of stylish, smooth, luxurious seating choices that will make all of your patrons comfortable.
  • Our Desks: Complete customization is the name of the game when it comes to the desks that will serve both you and your staff well. We create not only beautiful spaces to work, but also those that redefine multimedia functionality.

To learn more or to see some of our previous work with law school libraries, contact us today.