The curriculum for physical education in the United States covers a wide range of both team and individual sports. To meet the requirements of this curriculum, high schools must outfit their gyms with the proper equipment for each sport. Carroll Seating does more than provide seating and other furniture options for businesses – we can also help you set your gym up with the high-quality, long-lasting sporting equipment that you need to make the most of this active space!


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in high schools. It ranks as the second most popular sport for boys, and the first for girls. With this in mind, it’s obvious why it’s so important to have the equipment for the sport in your gym. Carroll Seating offers a line of adjustable, wall or ceiling-mounted goals with high quality backboards and rims that will provide years of play time for students now and in the future.


Like basketball, baseball ranks in the top 5 most popular sports for high school athletes. Our professional-grade baseball equipment can help your student athletes stay in shape and hone their skills, during both the regular season and off-season. We offer equipment to help with everything from batting to catching, so players can work on these crucial skills any time of year.


Guess what the most popular sport is in high school athletics? You got it – it’s football. Football requires a level of equipment like no other sport, from equipment on the field to player gear to practice equipment. Carroll Seating can set your gym up with the high quality equipment necessary for your high school football players, so you can put all your focus on training your players.


You may think that all you really need to play volleyball is a ball and a net, but there’s actually quite a bit more involved with this beloved sport. For high school volleyball, you’ll also need boundary markers, and you may need accessories such as a referee stand too. Whatever your needs are, Carroll Seating can get your gym ready for the game.


We couldn’t talk about our high school gym equipment without a mention of bleacher seating – we are Carroll Seating after all. Even with all the necessary sports equipment in place, your gym isn’t complete without proper seating for students and faculty to cheer on the teams. We have seating options for both indoor and outdoor sports, as well as a variety of styles and arrangement. We also offer customizable options that allow you to create the atmosphere you want in your gym.

Let Carroll Seating help you make the most of your high school gym. From sports equipment to seating, together we can create an electric athletic space that will energize both players and fans!