Sports don’t stop the moment cold weather comes on. In many areas, you have to have a space that’s completely prepared for dedicated fans and the cold weather. As you search for outdoor stadium seating that can actually take the winter weather, where should you turn for help? Carroll Seating Company.

The Carroll Advantage

From the moment you contact us, we’ll begin to get to know your space. We want to know more about your patrons, your requirements, and your weather patterns so we can recommend the best possible seating options.  Throughout the process, you’ll work one-on-one with a project manager who can walk you through all of your options, helping you compare each and make the right decision.

More than that, though, we’ll be with you every step of the way. From the first phone call to checkups after installation is complete, Carroll Seating is the best possible partner for the long haul.

What Are Your Cold Weather Seating Options?

There’s actually a number of cold weather seating options out there to consider, and some of the best come from Hussey stadium seating. Hussey designs many of the best products in the industry.

The Quattro Extreme, for example, is ready to take on any of the elements. It’s built to be completely rugged and weather resistant, but it’s also built for comfort. Imagine the comfort of an upholstered indoor chair in an outdoor version that includes rust-proof stanchions, corrosion resistant hardware, and marine grade fabric to help protect seats while providing comfort to patrons. That’s the Quattro Extreme in a nutshell, and it’s ideal come the rain or snow of winter.

Hussey also makes a number of other choices to explore that are ideal for outdoor arenas and stadiums. To learn more about how we can help you find the right outdoor stadium seating, contact us today.

In operation since 1934, we also work with Sturdi Steel stadium seating. Experts in design and production with products made from the highest grade materials in the industry. Every Sturdi Steel product is made of the highest quality materials –, and guaranteed for reliability. Utilizing the finest and most up to date methods of steel and aluminum fabrication.

Whichever route you choose, Carroll Seating Company will help guide you to a path that’s right for you and your outdoor seating area.