Law enforcement and fire fighters often have special needs when it comes to gear and personal storage. While the average locker might work in a school setting or even a local gym, inside the station, there are customized storage needs that an off-the-shelf solution just can’t meet.

The Concerns Involved police lockers

Police and fire lockers need special consideration for a number of reasons. One of the most important is the fact that versatility is a must in the world of emergencies. There’s not only the bulk of clothing and equipment to consider, but also the specialized equipment they’re required to carry and store when not on duty or responding to a call. Only lockers with the right storage choices, added compartments, and appropriate security features will work in this setting.

Durability is a must as well. Lockers for police and fire fighters are certain to take a beating day after day. With so much to do and so much access needed to gear and equipment, lockers will undoubtedly need to be constructed from materials that are tough enough to stand up to the ongoing abused of gear being yanked out and tossed back in.

Size should also be considered. These days, gear is bulkier than ever, and extra large locker choices are nothing short of required. With options as big as 84 inches in height and widths as much as 24 inches, coming up with a locker big enough should not be a problem, as long as you go with the right provider.

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