Laboratories have to be more flexible now than they’ve ever been in past years. With so many industries relying on the results labs produce, the facilities themselves must be nothing short of incredible so scientists can come up with the right solutions. One step that can make those facilities better environments is the right research casework.

The Casework of the Past

Crowder collegeNot too many years ago, floor mounted casework was the standard. With no real ability to adapt a lab to a current project, many were frustrated with the facilities, but things have changed. Instead of the old floor mounted standard, today’s casework options offer so much more. With full systems that are designed to be more adaptive to the needs of any given project, labs find the help they need within their own facilities.

Looking for The Best

As you search for the right casework to support your own research facility, you’ll want to keep several things in mind. First, consider modular options with individual components including cabinets, storage units, and work surfaces. Modular designs mean setting up for the next project is always going to be easier than it might be with floor mounted casework. Second, if it may come up in your research work, you’ll want to consider chemical resistance. Not all work surfaces incorporate this feature, but depending on the type of research you do, it may be essential. Finally, don’t forget to factor in the overall appearance of your casework, as well. Not only may it make your facility a better place to work, but it also may prove important should any new companies or investors tour your lab.

As you shop for the right research casework to meet your needs, contact us for help. We carry a full line of excellent options that can help put your lab one step ahead. Learn more now.