Lecture halls can seem a bit daunting to many college students. Even if they’ve been on campus for some time, nothing is quite as overwhelming as a lecture hall filled with bodies. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make certain they are conducive to student learning with nice lecture hall seating. These tips can help.

  • Give Students What They Need: At the bare minimum, students are going to need some kind of desk option that either comes out from the seat (if your lecture halls sometimes serve as an auditorium) or seating that swings away from built in tables. A writing surface is hardly all that students require today, though. They may also need electrical outlets or charging stations to hold laptops, tablets, and phones so they can better learn the material being taught.
  • Offer Comfort: There’s the hard and sturdy seating of yesteryear, then there’s the comfort many have come to expect in today’s lecture halls. A plush seat is the single best way to make certain students are comfortable enough to spend their lecture time productively learning, not constantly shifting in the seat to make certain their extremities don’t fall asleep!
  • Work with Your Space: There are so many different seating options available for lecture halls today. At Carroll Seating Company, we know that dimensions and spacing are nothing short of critical, so we offer you more options than many other companies, helping you design a lecture hall that students will truly enjoy attending day after day.

Ready to do more and make certain your students are in a space where they can learn? Contact us today to work one-on-one with a project manager who will work to understand the culture you’re trying to create on campus with lecture hall seating solutions.