What makes a sports team good? The players and coach are an obvious answer, that is the makeup of a team in its most basic form, but the secret ingredient into making a team truly good is their fans and the community created by the team. When players are out competing and trying their best, the roar and support of a good crowd can often be that spark needed to bring home a win. So, with so much time, effort, and money spent on the players, it’s worth it to treat fans well too.

Bringing fans to a game is just as much about comfort as it is about team spirit. Bleachers have long been the bane of a comfortable sporting experience, but with advances in the seating industry this norm will soon be turned around.

Treat Your Fans Right With Comfy Seats

Carroll Seating Company has over 50 years of experience designing facilities with Hussey gym bleachers and stadium seats, and in that time they have never stopped looking for improvements. Hussey offers created ergonomic bleacher seats that are far better than those wooden benches of the past, and all of their options are highly customizable, offering cup holders, seat backs, and even those thoughtful touches like inlaid seat numbers.

Product longevity is another aspect of accommodation that Carroll Seating Company has perfected. Whether indoors or out, they use only the best material to withstand the elements and the energy produced by hyped-up fans. Stadium seating is often the most well used aspect of sports as a whole, and making sure the seats are durable is a very economic and safe bet.

Keeping the fans comfortable and excited to be at a game is a key piece in winning, so make sure you take care of them and the effects will go a long way.

Choosing seating for any crowd event can be difficult. Whether it’s a soccer game, a concert, or a circus, bleachers are traditionally the best and most efficient seating mechanisms around. However, there are a few different types of bleachers you can consider purchasing for your venue or field. Perhaps one of the best options is the freestanding bleacher.

Unless it’s a huge environment, like a commercial baseball stadium, chances are that it is used for many different purposes. Due to this, seating may have to be frequently rearranged. Freestanding bleachers can easily be moved around to accommodate many different events than some other types. Additionally, there is far more flexibility with these in terms of seating dynamics. For example, if the event is a soccer game, chances are that no field administrator would advise putting bleachers behind the goals, since this is where the ball is most likely to strike. However, at a track meet, it might be advantageous to put them all around the field. In this manner, freestanding bleachers can create a much better viewing experience due to their nature.

Another great benefit of freestanding bleachers is that they do not promote property decimation. Traditional bleachers, nailed down in one place, will make certain parts of your property non-conducive to grass growing and will encourage rodents and snakes to make homes under your bleachers. By having freestanding bleachers that can be moved to various locations, you can regularly clean under them very easily, and you can move them around throughout the year to ensure that your grass can stay green and your property can stay intact.

Carroll Seating Company has been in the bleacher business for more than 60 years, and we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to guide you through purchasing the right bleacher option for whatever your needs may be. Contact Carroll Seating today to learn more about how we can help.

When Carroll Seating Company first began it was literally a basement operation: in 1952, Patrick Carroll, Sr., began to sell church pews from his basement. As the populous grew to admire his service, his business branched out to private schools. Subsequently, his furniture eventually diffused to public schools in the surrounding area. Carroll Seating Employees

However, eventually a basement was too small to accommodate the amount of work requests Mr. Carroll was fulfilling. Finally, he purchased an office in Chicago, Illinois on Hermitage Ave, and the business ran out of this office for a whopping fifty-one years. While the business was still growing strong, Patrick Carroll, Sr. passed away in 1975. Several years after his passing while under the leadership of another salesman his son, Patrick Carroll Jr., stepped up as President in 1997 and the headquarters were moved to Elk Grove, Illinois.

However, the business did and still does remain a multi-city operation, as the office in Elk Grove was retained and is still utilized. Michael Carroll brought the company’s legacy over to Kansas City, Missouri. With such a large presence on the symbolic landscape, the company rapidly gained more and more trust and reputation as more and more positive transactions went on through the years.

Now, there is no doubt about the reputation of Carroll Seating Company, seeing as it has served over 1500 organizations in five states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Additionally, Carroll Seating Company is currently a conglomerate of many specialized, institutional furnishing lines for many purposes that serve the public good. The company successfully manages over $29 million in sales every year.

Due to such an illustrious history, Carroll Seating Company is indeed a trusted furnishing and installation company. The company has proven itself competent in multiple fields, as it has many successful lines such as Hussey Seating Company, Debourgh Manufacturering, Case Syemts James Town Metal Products, Performance Sports Systems, and many more contained within it.

As it has acquired more and more capital in the years, the company has invested wisely in more workers in widely varying fields to guarantee the best service possible such as in house estimators, project managers, administrative staff and a full facility service and repair team.

Family owned since it’s very founding, and it has gradually established permanent roots over the decades.

All of this goes to show the undying dedication the Carroll Seating Company has for consumer satisfaction. Whether it is a single chair, or a remodeling of an entire institution, Carroll Seating Company not only desires to help every customer to the fullest extent possible, but has also put out the capital to ensure that every consumer can be helped to the largest extent possible. Through such dedication very naturally comes trust from both returning and new clients.