Managing an office, taking in appointments, and helping any clients is a huge job for any receptionist or front office worker. However, this can be made even more difficult by having bad reception area casework. Does it actually matter that much? Absolutely. Take a look.

The Importance of Good Casework

In a nutshell, reception area casework is the seating area occupied by a receptionist that has many drawers, spaces for books, and a computer keyboard spot. This can be customized for any individual needs.

A reception desk can say a lot about an office. At first glance, people can tell whether the office is well kept and professional or just struggling to stay afloat. It’s also obvious if the owners of an office are not investing enough to even give their receptionist a good working area. All of these factors can go into whether you will accrue new clients.

Don’t overlook the importance of happy employees, too. Comfortable seating means a happy receptionist, and a good choice of casework makes for a beautiful office people want to work in day after day.

The best casework designs echo the other aesthetics in the building, making it look sleek and modern. Depending on your clientele, you may want a certain casework choice. For example, traditional wood paneling may work well in typical settings like law offices, insurance companies, and more, but something like stainless steel may help create the perfect feel in a cutting-edge industry like technology.

There are so many ways reception area casework can beautify your space, but only a professional can advise you well of all the options at your disposal as well as the best one to fit the needs and looks of your space. If you need help designing the casework that will make your reception area gorgeous, don’t hesitate to contact Carroll Seating Company, the golden standard of the seating industry!

There are some team members who have such an impact on the way you do business that you think you’ll never be able to function without them. When tragedy strikes and they’re suddenly gone, that empty hole threatens to consume the entire way you do business. You pick up and move on, but the loss is so massive that you know you have to do something to help you honor that individual’s memory.

Anita Frazier Conf Room 5For us, that person was Anita Frazier. Anita passed in February of 2013, and while we knew we had to move forward with our day to day business operations, we needed something that would always keep her memory in our hearts.  Thus the idea for the Anita Frazier Memorial Conference Room was born. Completed in November 2013, we worked hard to showcase our design skills and products in this one package, helping to show what a strong company Anita helped to make us. The door is a custom millwork creation from Kohout Woodwork. It has a unique glass inlay that is nothing short of gorgeous.

Both the custom conference table and the elevated credenza (also customized to meet our exact needs) were provided by Kohout Woodwork as well. The granite tops you see were provided by Fabricor, and they were an absolute must for this environment. Because so many of our meetings are right here, both internal and those with clients, we needed the best possible seating, so we turned to Euro Tech Seating for the chairs you see. They combine comfort, durability, and functionality in one package. The whiteboard came from Idea Paint and the custom sign with our name was a product of Signs Now. All of the electrical components were provided by Valentino Electric.

It’s our design, our products, our best. Thanks for pushing us forward Anita. We miss you!

Your office space is meant to be beautiful. Everything in it should fit your needs, right down to the woodwork. If you’re looking to move your office to the next level, you probably already understand that off the shelf solutions can’t always do that. Fortunately, you can create a beautiful workspace with customized architectural woodwork.

Your Woodwork Options

Wondering exactly where the right woodwork options might change the face of your office? There are actually several places to consider. Start by rethinking your office as a whole. How efficiently are you using space right now? If it’s just not working, that might be the perfect place to start. You may also want to consider storage. If you need additional storage but you don’t want to compromise on the overall style you already have in your office, our custom architectural woodwork might be the perfect choice. From wall panels to display cases to complete reception areas, we’d be happy to help with all the right touches you may not have considered when you got started.  Architectural_Woodwork-CarrollSeating

Be Sure to Consider the Materials

Your work is far from done once you’ve decided on the right architectural woodwork choices. Selecting the materials use will seriously impact the appearance of your project. There are so many options available today, though, that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’ll need to consider not only the right look, but your budget as well. At the cheaper end, plastic laminate surfaces provide simple beauty and durability. They look great, yet are easy to clean and maintain. Wood veneer can get more expensive, but often offers an upscale touch that’s perfect in a number of different settings.

Contact us today, and learn more about how our carefully manufactured woodworking solutions might be the ideal touch for your offices or facilities.