The Best Seating Options for Auditoriums

Thinking of redesigning your auditorium? Working to create the  perfect atmosphere in a brand new auditorium? Your seating options matter more than any other design choice you’ll make. How can you ensure you get the best? It starts with the decision to pick up the phone and call Carroll Seating Company.

What’s Going to Work In Your Space?

What works well in your space may not be what works for everyone else. We don’t handle cookie-cutter installations. We design a plan based wholly around your needs. Take a look at a few options you may want to consider.

  • Fixed Seating: The perfect choice for many auditorium settings, our fixed seating choices mean a sophisticated layout that is flexible enough to fill your space. You can choose from wood and veneer laminate finishes, as well as fully upholstered comfort options that redefine the right combination of beauty and value. Choose from additional options like power and data connectivity, custom mounting, and more to ensure your auditorium is exactly what you imagined.
  • Telescopic Platform Seating: Most spaces these days are no longer designed to serve one function. Instead, even an auditorium is often a room where multiple purposes must be met, and telescopic platform seating is one of the best ways to do just that. They remain fixed to the wall when not in use so you get the floor area you want, but they easily pull out when you need them to help meet your expectations. Available with wireless control, they’re rigorously tested so you get the safe, comfortable seating surface you want.
  • Portable Seating: Looking for durable, stylish comfort without the added commitment? Our portable seating options fit the bill. With the freedom to arrange your auditorium in a number of different configurations, these are built to last, no matter what your traffic numbers look like.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create an auditorium that will stand out from the crowd.