There are many choices out there when it comes to choosing and designing the right bookcases that should be used for a school’s library and talking to the experts at Carroll Seating can help with making the right choices for a school’s library bookcases. What should you consider? Take a look.

The Height of Your Bookcases

The height of your bookcases will often depend on the age of the person who is using the library. For example, if the library is for younger children, you’ll want to go with shorter bookcases so that the children can have easy access to their books. If your patrons are primarily older students or adults, higher bookcases mean you double your storage options. If you have a mixed group of patrons, as you might in a K-12 facility, you may need bookcases at a variety of heights to help serve the needs of your population.

Creating Beauty

Bookcases come in a variety of heights, but the veneer choice can be just as important as the height. It can build the mood within your space, enhancing a love of reading and research at every turn. Wooden bookcases are easily the most traditional choice, and they seem to provide a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for a library. While most libraries use wood bookcases, steel bookcases are also an option that should be seriously considered. They are lighter, are often less expensive and they can be painted to make them look quite pleasant and welcoming. In fact, they can be painted with the school’s colors, which will give a spirited look for your school’s library.


Using Mobile Bookcases

Many libraries use mobile bookcases along with their standard stationary bookcases. These mobile bookcases are useful if the library needs to section off an area of the library when special programs are being done in an area of the library. Mobile bookcases are also useful when a person wants to rearrange an area in the library so by the use of mobile bookcases that can easily be moved around, the library is not cemented into the same look until the next time the library is remodeled.

When Space is a Consideration

With schools growing in population and school space remaining the same since schools are still using the same building it is often useful for schools to utilize the space that they have very carefully. As such, the use of modular designs, double faced library shelving and even movable library stacks can be some very nice additions to school libraries. This allows them to display the highest selection of books on their shelves when space is limited. If you have space concerns speak to the experts at Carroll Seating and let them help you design the best utilization of the space that is available.

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