Inspecting, improving, and repairing equipment regularly is the key concept of long life. Taking care of things means continual and flawless operation as well as reduced overhead, since you don’t have to replace something that is long past being fixed. When you inspect bleachers at your site, you’re taking preventative measures that are invaluable.

This idea of continual care is especially necessary for things that are subject to a high rate of use and even life outside. What’s more is that in places like schools, which typically don’t have a lavish amount of overhead, might find themselves in a pickle if they continually need to buy new equipment. So, consider these:

Three Keys to Effective Bleacher Inspection

  1. Don’t wait to do it! Routine bleacher inspections are great, but don’t make this a rare occurrence. Instead, consider doing so at the end of each sporting season so there is time to address any problems while they aren’t in use. It’s also nice to conduct quick inspections on outdoor bleachers after inclement weather in order to make sure no damage was sustained.
  2. Inspect all elements. When conducting a bleacher inspection, make sure to look holistically at the situation in order to take all aspects into account. This involves things like the ground around the bleachers, trees, other things that might be near the bleachers and anything else that might be part of the equation. If recent bleacher maintenance has been performed, add that to your checklist.
  3. Consult all available resources. Safety codes are different everywhere, so it is important to be caught up with all the information. Furthermore, there are always things to be learned from other users of the equipment and even the manufacturers themselves. Because of this, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be in contact with the manufacturers in order to learn of any recent improvements.

If you’re looking for information on bleacher upkeep, need professional help to inspect bleachers inspection or repair, or just want to consider what other options there are, contact Carroll Seating Company to see what you’ve been missing out on.