That final bell has gone off, the students have deserted the building for the next three months, and it’s time to get to work. You want your building to look amazing when they come back, and that can mean some serious renovation. One change that will make your space look amazing? New lockers!

Do Lockers Actually Matter?

Many administrators don’t actually value locker conditions, and for good reason. It’s been some time since most administrators and teachers alike have wandered through the halls as students. Think back to your middle and high school days, thought, to answer that question. Did your locker matter? Absolutely! It was the one space you could count on while switching from room to room all day. It was the one space in the building that was yours. Complete with posters, customizable shelves, and that pair of gym shorts at the back you kept forgetting to take home, it was an important space in your life, and it is in the lives of your students as well.

Deciding on the Right Upgrades

If you’re not sure what upgrades to make, you may want to consider the following checklist.

  • Consider Size First: There’s only so much space in the building, so if you can nail down the right locker size from the outset, you’re going to make your search quite a bit easier. Decide whether a full locker or a two tiered system might best meet the needs of your students. Think carefully about how often they hit their lockers between classes, what gets stored, and more to decide on the right lockers to meet your needs.
  • Added Features: Lockers aren’t what they once were. In fact, there are many features to choose from you hadn’t considered in today’s lockers. If you go with recessed handles, you’re going to find far fewer snags on student clothing and backpacks. Decide whether you need single point locking or multi-point locking to help protect a student’s possessions. You may even want to go witih electronic keypads to help eliminate the more traditional locker padlocks.
  • Think Assembly: How much time does your maintenance staff have to deal with the locker issue? It’s possible that there’s not much time, so decide whether you want to waste that time assembling lockers or whether you’d prefer to buy something preassembled.
  • Don’t Forget Appearance: Lockers can look amazing! Go with school colors, varied door colors, and more to help enhance how those lockers look and how students feel about your space.

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade student lockers. Get busy with that project now. Contact us today to help select the perfect school lockers for your space.