Lecture hall seating may not seem like the world’s most exciting topic, but the reality is that it is undergoing innovation just like every other sector in the market today. While there were once few choices in the world of lecture hall seating, now even a subsector like fixed lecture hall seating means choices abound. Here are just a few you may want to consider as you design the next lecture hall on your campus.

  • Swing Away Seating: fixed-lecture-room-seatingYou want the advantages of fixed seating, but you want a modern look and a level of comfort for students or staff members. Swing away seating offers the perfect merger of the two. You get uniformity and space saving options while still getting a sleek look that everyone will enjoy.
  • Beam Seating: If you need durability as well as the maximum possible seating options in any one given space, beam seating is certainly the way to go. It can be just as stylish and functional as any other choice on the market, but you’re going to be able to fit more students into one area than you would be able to with any other choice on the market. You can even choose your beam color as well as the number of seats per beam you’d prefer.
  • Swivel Seating: As you work to provide the right seating options for students, you may want to offer a flexible choice many other lecture halls don’t. Swivel seating is that choice. Comfortable, adaptable, and less like traditional choices than anything else, this is the perfect upgrade for your lecture hall.

Designing the ideal lecture hall involves lots of choices. Let us help. With turnkey services that can not only help you select the ideal fixed lecture hall seating choices, but also help you put the perfect design in motion, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.