Libraries, like many spaces these days, are changing quickly. Technology has done a number on these spaces, even in the school environment, and keeping up with the shift can be difficult. While physical materials are still a staple of libraries, so is the need for multimedia spaces. The right shelving solution can help you make the most of the space available for all of the types of materials, but what factors should you take into consideration before you select shelving? Keep reading to learn more:

best library bookcasesThink Portability: If you have the need to move your library design to accommodate various groups, you may want to go with more portable mobile designs to help gate off sections of the library to accommodate any groups you have visiting. The ability to reconfigure, even if you don’t require portability, should also be considered, as you may want to shift your library layout during certain times of the school year.

Think Height: Understanding your population can make a big difference in the type of shelving you choose to meet your needs. If you regularly serve younger elementary children, you may want to go with shorter bookcases so they can reach all of the available materials. If you have older kids and you need to maximize your space, floor to ceiling models are easily the way to go.

Think Space: If you have spacing concerns, you may want to invest in double faced library shelving, as it is the ideal way to display the most possible materials without utilizing too much of your floor area. While this type of shelving can be pricier, it can also help you make the most of the area you have available.

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