Furnishing a Library

Brodart: Modern, Comfortable, Stylish Library Seating

stylish library seating by Carroll Seating Company

What is it about a book that demands the most comfortable chair possible? With so many variables, it’s hard to say, but for decades, Brodart has been providing comfortable and stylish library seating solutions to libraries, cafes, and other reading Meccas.  Today, the story is a little different. They still have many options, and even in […] Read More

Update Your School Library This Summer

Update your school library this summer with help from Carroll Seating Company

So much of what we experience depends on our surroundings. The practice of Feng Shui combines room setup with how we feel and behave, and with how long it’s been around and there’s got to be something to say for its effectiveness. Now, where would beautiful Feng Shui be the most useful? The answer is […] Read More

What are Hoteling Stations for Offices and Libraries?

Many people first come cross the term “hoteling stations” when trying to find seating for their venue or business. Its meaning is very often a mystery, and here we will take a look at what these are and why they are important. Generally, a hoteling station is a work area for someone who does not […] Read More

The Right Library Bookcases for Your Library

There are many choices out there when it comes to choosing and designing the right bookcases that should be used for a school’s library and talking to the experts at Carroll Seating can help with making the right choices for a school’s library bookcases. What should you consider? Take a look. The Height of Your […] Read More

Making Sure You Get the Library Updates You Need

School libraries have been changing for some time. Just as the way society consumes media, libraries have shifted to reflect the very new needs of student populations of all ages. While books remain an essential part of every school library, most have additional needs that are not always recognized within funding shifts. The New Needs […] Read More

Update Your School Library This Summer With Us!

Your school library isn’t supposed to be a dusty collection of books no one checks out. The entire library experience has changed as fast as technology has, and we can help you update your library and give it the face lift you need. A Few Great Ideas  Small Group Workspace – If you haven’t yet […] Read More

Modern Library Furniture

The library isn’t the stodgy, silent tomb that it used to be.  Modern libraries are interesting spaces where technology and textbooks live side by side.  And they do it in style. You don’t just go to a library to pick a book and leave, at least not anymore.  They are places where study groups meet, […] Read More

Buying Library Bookcases: The Guide You Need Now

School libraries are changing fast. Like classroom designs, they have to meet very different needs than they once did, and with that change comes a necessary shift in bookcase options. Before you design a new school library or offer a facelift to the old one, though, exploring the many choices available to you is a […] Read More

Which Library Bookcases Are Right For Your School Library?

Libraries, like many spaces these days, are changing quickly. Technology has done a number on these spaces, even in the school environment, and keeping up with the shift can be difficult. While physical materials are still a staple of libraries, so is the need for multimedia spaces. The right shelving solution can help you make […] Read More

Choosing Brodart Library Furniture

A library should be a place of comfort. After all, it is that atmosphere that will bring patrons back again and again, whether they’re young students or community members. It can be tough to achieve that level of comfort without the right furniture choices, though, so shopping around a bit is absolutely essential when it’s […] Read More