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What Basketball Equipment Do You Need?

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Statistics suggest basketball is the third most popular sport across the world today, so it's little wonder that so many facilities are looking for the best basketball equipment possible. From community centers to commercial gyms and schools, the demand for good basketball equipment and facilities is ever rising, and Carroll Seating Company can help you […] Read More

Ramp up School Pride With a Trophy Case

Look into a new school trophy case by Carroll Seating Company

Just thinking of the words school pride transports you to the days when you were part of a gigantic, diverse team. School spirit is an important part of education for its unifying and encouraging effects, so make sure you reward students with the recognition, and a trophy case, they deserve. Highlighting Accomplishments Many schools have […] Read More

Baseball Season is Starting!

Baseball Seating from Carroll Seating

There is nothing better than the opening day of baseball season! The great American pastime has generational connections to the stadium, the team and the experience. In fact, as any baseball fan can tell you, the experience is the best part. Going to the stadium, getting great seats, buying a hot dog and wearing team […] Read More

Gym Divider Curtains for Multiple Team Practices

With space at a premium, being able to maximize the most of your gym is important and gym divider curtains from Carroll Seating can help ensure the space you have available is well used. These curtains allow multiple sports to happen at the same time in your gym. They come in several different styles to […] Read More

High School Gym & Locker Room Client Spotlight on “Northwest HS – USD259”

The Northwest High School gym was in need of some new gym equipment . School administration hired general contractor Simpson Construction for a major school renovation that involved adding approximately 70,000 square feet including new gymnasium, locker rooms and additional classrooms. Simpson Construction worked with the design team at Carroll Seating to organize the installation […] Read More

Make the Most of Your High School Gym with a Variety of High-Quality Sporting Equipment

The curriculum for physical education in the United States covers a wide range of both team and individual sports. To meet the requirements of this curriculum, high schools must outfit their gyms with the proper equipment for each sport. Carroll Seating does more than provide seating and other furniture options for businesses - we can […] Read More

Getting The Best Volleyball Equipment

Coaching volleyball successfully is one of the toughest things you'll ever do. It's not like any other sport out there because working with your players means far more than providing them with the right training necessary. Instead, it means instilling them with a deeper knowledge of the game, the beauty behind each piece, and how […] Read More

High School Client Spotlight on “Liberty School District HS”

The Liberty High School and Liberty North High School were in need of updating. School administration hired general contractor Universal Construction for a major school renovation that involved the school cafeterias, weight room, staff lounge, entry, hallways and other areas. Universal Construction worked with the design team at Carroll Seating to plan the update and […] Read More

Updating Gym Equipment: Form and Function

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, then the gymnasium must be the heart of a school.  This is where students come together to play, to work, to celebrate and to compete.  It should be a safe and sturdy place but also fun and exciting environment. The gym is often a source of […] Read More

Bleacher Accessories to Customize Your Gymnasium

Jazzing up your gym is with customized products is an important part of crafting your school’s personality.  It can increase school spirit, build community pride and really fire up your fans.  The right products will improve safety by blocking access to dangerous areas as well as dressing up your bleachers.  You can use a custom […] Read More