Lockers – they’re as much a part of the middle and high school as textbooks and teachers. These days, it seems there are so many different locker choices available that it can be tough to choose the right ones to meet the needs of your school. Many facilities, though, are sticking with the traditional steel school lockers, and for good reason. Take a look at the advantages.

  • Durability: Few materials choices beat steel when it comes to locker materials. Carefully welded and reinforced, all of your steel lockers are built strong with 16 gauge steel doors designed to ensure they last year after year. Whether you’re installing them in the locker room or throughout the building, they’ll be able to take the tough use students so often dish out.
  • Color Choice: Fortunately, steel lockers don’t have to be the color of steel. Instead, we create choices made for any color scheme. Whether you want to go with something that matches your school colors or you want various color schemes to meet the needs of given areas of your building, we can help you find the right choice for your facility.
  • Configuration Options: In some cases, a single tier setting is perfect for your space. In other situations, though, you may need to go with multiple tiers to help meet the space requirements of a given facility. No matter how much space you have (or you don’t have), we can help you find the perfect choice.

As you shop for the ideal school lockers to meet your needs, be sure to contact us. We offer some of the best choices available today, and we’ll help you spot lockers that work well for your student population and your bottom line. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.


Choosing the right locker material for your facility can be difficult. With so many different options available today, understanding which one is the right choice for you is complex. Many are going with stainless steel lockers in a variety of different settings today, but are they a good option for you? Explore the benefits of this locker material.

  • Damage Resistant: Joplin HS lockers 3In many environments, lockers are subject to high levels of use and, sometimes, abuse. Stainless steel choices, though, give you the durability you need to ensure your lockers look good year after year.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Metal is usually susceptible to rust, but stainless steel is different, even in high moisture areas like locker rooms or kitchens. This remarkable resistances means you get a beautiful set of lockers, no matter what the environment around them.
  • Fire-Resistant: Just as stainless steel can resist damage and corrosion, it can often hold its own for some time against a fire, so despite the heat and intensity of the flames, you’ll get great performance from your new lockers.
  • Variety of Configurations: As with almost any other locker type, stainless steel lockers come in several different configurations to help meet your needs. Single, double, or triple, stainless steel lockers help ensure your patrons have the necessary space available.
  • Budget Friendly: There’s one other thing stainless steel lockers can resist – draining your budget. While some lockers come with enormous price tags, stainless steel choices can often help keep the entire cost of the project lower than you’d planned, ensuring you get exactly what you want at a great price.

Whether you’ve settled on stainless steel lockers already or you simply want to explore your options, contact us today to learn more. We’ll put you in touch with a dedicated project manager who will walk you through the choices available for your facility so you have the information you need to select the right material for your lockers. To learn more, pick up the phone and call us today.

Smaller budget this year? You’re not alone. Schools across the nation are struggling as the belt just keeps tightening, but with the population of your school on the increase, finding lockers for everyone is a lot harder than it used to be. These tips can help.

  1. Think Small: 86488649Sure, you’d love for every single student in your building to have a full locker, but if you have a range of ages, younger students may not need lockers that are quite as large. If you assign older students your full size lockers and give your younger population double or even triple tier lockers, you get the space you need without the added cost of full size lockers for everyone. If you’ve recently moved to fully electronic textbooks, too, you can certainly assign students smaller lockers with ease, as the need to store personal belongings may be the only one they have while they’re on campus.
  2. Think Outside the Box: Lockers aren’t all what they used to be. With new materials choices debuting all of the time, you may find that the traditional metal locker your building is so used to is no longer a necessity. Searching for the best option to meet your needs in terms of durability and cost at the same time may help you decide on a different material choice entirely.
  3. Think Simple: All of those little add-ons can really amp up the price of your lockers. Coat hooks, shelves, even built in locks may mean you’re paying more than you should, so make sure you don’t accessorize (much).

To learn more about how we can help you get the affordable, durable hallway lockers you want for your school, take a moment to contact us today. With lots of options on the table, we’ll help you find a choice that’s as beautiful as it is budget-friendly.


Lockers. Sure, they mean storage, but often they can mean so much more than that. While the term itself may evoke memories of junior high school, the simple reality is that lockers have moved beyond the halls of education. You’ll find them in every police and fire station around the country. You find them on military bases, in sports and rec centers, in the dressing rooms of many healthcare facilities, and yes, even in schools. Not just one locker can possibility fit all of those needs, right? So where’s the innovation? Everywhere you turn.


Metal. L junior-high-lockersockers are all made of metal, right? Nope. Plastic, metal, steel, wood. . .Is there a material out there that lockers aren’t made of? Probably not. What’s more, though, is that we’ll help you find both the ideal material and the perfect look to help meet your needs.


Small. Big. Medium. Tiny. Lockers these days come in all shapes and sizes. If you need a spot for patrons to store their shoes while they go ice skating, we can help. If you need the right size to hold firearms while your officers are off-duty, we can help there too. No matter what the size, there’s a right fit for anything your patrons, employees, or students need to store.

Storage Ability

Books. Backpacks. Wet Gear. Dangerous Materials. Not every locker will store the same stuff. They’re made to hold all sorts of things, so finding the ideal choice to store yours can be tough. Let us help with our start to finish services.


Attached. Unattached. Flexible. Electronic. Mobile. All of them describe today’s lockers. Design is perhaps the most innovative feature in the world of lockers today, so from recharging stations for employee PCs to secure evidence lockers with a pass-through spot for law enforcement, our designs are some of the hottest new choices in the industry.

To find the right lockers to meet your needs, please take contact Carroll Seating Company today. From start to finish, we’ll help you design, install, and even service the right storage systems to meet your needs.


Athletic lockers are a no brainer, right? You simply need a bit of ventilation, storage for your team’s gear, and a place to stash their stuff while they’re on the field, right? Wrong. The locker room should be a point of pride for your team. Designing the perfect facility can make all the difference in the world to team spirit and that winning attitude that really matters the second they leave. Here are a few things to consider. 

The Sport – All athletic lockers were not created equally. What may work out perfectly for a soccer player may not be ideal for a football player. Unfortunately, most teams are limited by budgetary concerns, so many locker rooms have to play double, triple, or even quadruple duty throughout the year. As the seasons change, so do the dominant sports, and that may mean a different purpose for the lockers for every season. If that’s the case in your facility, you want to go with lockers that are big enough to house gear for each sport. In most cases, football will probably be the sport that requires the most gear. To ensure your football players have enough space for their helmets and their pads, you need a 72” tall locker that is both 15” deep and wide. The shelf has to be about 18” from the top to house a full-sized helmet. Players are only going to get frustrated if they can’t fit all of their gear into their lockers as they walk off the field or court, so make certain they have a bit of room to breathe.

The Number of Players – In addition to having enough space for their gear, you want to have enough space for all of the players. The standard size football team is forty players. For soccer, it’s twenty-five. A track team can have as many as fifty members, depending on the size of the school. The same is true for a swim team. Every player needs to have a locker to house his or her gear, and if this means a few lockers happen to go empty for this season or that one, write it off as an expense of the game. Giving each player his own space is key to building the ideal team.

Security – The last thing you want is for players to feel like their stuff is unsafe between games or meets. If you’re sharing lockers from sport to sport, make sure you offer individual padlocks for players or team members. Built in locks typically come with just a few possible combination, making them quite unsafe from sport to sport.

Color Choices – Feel free to get a bit creative with your locker room. Go with your school colors instead of a drab gray or dull green. You want to create a bright environment where players can truly feel the team spirit enthrall them before every possible match or game.

Good locker room design does not have to be limited by budget. With just a few simple considerations, you can build a locker room that is perfect for your team.

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