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Student Learning With Better Lecture Hall Seating

Update your lecture hall seating with Carroll Seating Company

Lecture halls can seem a bit daunting to many college students. Even if they've been on campus for some time, nothing is quite as overwhelming as a lecture hall filled with bodies. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make certain they are conducive to student learning with nice lecture hall seating. These […] Read More

How Presentation Room Seating Can Help your Space

If you own or manage a business that requires employee input through presentations, you know the importance of making the presentation room one of the highest priorities. This is where knowledge is transferred the most effectively, and it’s a great opportunity to show your dedication to the business. However, some presentation rooms fall into the […] Read More

School is Back In Session – Are Your Lecture Hall Seats Comfortable?

With hundreds of students entering the classroom this fall, ensuring your learning facilities are adequate to meet their needs is nothing short of a must. While many schools think about the technology students need most to succeed, several overlook the importance of the basics, like comfortable lecture hall seating. Does It Even Matter? A chair […] Read More

Auditorium seating Client Spotlight on “Illinois Central College – North Campus”

The Illinois Central College - North Campus's Arbor Hall was in need of updating. School administration hired general contractor Peoria Metro Construction for a major school renovation that involved the auditorium, new green roof, updates to the Resource Center and demolition of Arbor South. The team at Carroll Seating was pleased with the finished outcome […] Read More

Auditorium Seating: The Guide You Need Now

A good auditorium stays in use all year long.  If your school, church or organization maintains an auditorium, keeping it up to date and comfortable is vital to keeping it in use as much as possible.  Whether you’re building or renovating, a comfortable, well-appointed auditorium can be your building’s crowning glory as well as its […] Read More

Choosing the Right Lecture Room Tables to Meet Your Needs

Lecture room tables aren’t something you often consider as an extensive market. After all, there just aren’t very many choices when it comes to tables for a lecture room, right? Try again. There are far more choices than you can imagine in lecture room table choices today, and if you’re redesigning the lecture halls on […] Read More

High School Auditorium Client Spotlight on “Lyons Township HS”

The Lyons Township High School auditorium was in need of updating. School administration hired general contractor Henry Bros Co. for a major school renovation that involved the auditorium, school cafeterias, locker rooms and utility areas. Henry Bros Co. worked with the design team at Carroll Seating to plan a full update their auditorium. Originally built […] Read More

Lecture Hall Seating For Effective Learning

Some of the most often forgotten spaces in any institution of learning whether it’s a teaching hospital, a university or a corporate event center.  Lecture halls can lean towards the utilitarian, industrial look and that’s not what attracts people.  If your lecture halls have this look, it may be time for a little remodeling. The […] Read More

School Lecture Room Seating And Design Concerns You May Not Have Considered

A more efficient layout – it can define student success both at the high school level and at the higher education level. Poor designs mean it can be difficult to connect with the instructor, hear the lecture, and effectively take notes. In an environment where learning is a must, proper lecture room design has to […] Read More

How to Update an Old Auditorium with New Seating

When people file into auditoriums, it’s the shows they are excited to see: the plays, the musicals, the concerts, the performances. Whether they are there to cheer on a family member dance or watch a world-renowned composer lead a full orchestra, the last thing they are thinking about is the seats. But if they are […] Read More