Locker Solutions

Specialty Lockers for Your Police Station and What to Look For

Carroll Seating Company offers a variety of specialty lockers

Police officers are such a valuable and important aspect of our society, so it’s never a waste to make things easier for them. This includes giving them the best equipment, the best security, and the most trustworthy atmosphere, especially at their police station. Highly specialized, extremely durable, secure, and roomy police station specialty lockers and […] Read More

Designing the Best School Locker Room

Redesign your school locker room with help from Carroll Seating Company

A school locker room can be one of the most unsettling places in the world. You have to change your clothes, do so in the presence of classmates, and leave all your personal items in an often times unsupervised dungeon. This can be pretty scary. This means it is the school’s responsibility to provide safe […] Read More

Thinking of Making a Big Change This Summer? Think New Lockers

Thinking of Making a Big Change This Summer? Think New Lockers by Carroll Seating Company

That final bell has gone off, the students have deserted the building for the next three months, and it's time to get to work. You want your building to look amazing when they come back, and that can mean some serious renovation. One change that will make your space look amazing? New lockers! Do Lockers […] Read More

Choosing Better School Lockers

Choosing Better School Lockers

Choosing new hall lockers for your students? You certainly have your work cut out for you. Whether you're designing a brand new building or you're retrofitting an old one with a locker facelift, there are several things you need to do before you choose school lockers for your student body. This guide can help. Step […] Read More

Police/Fire/EMT Station Lockers

A police or first responder locker room should not be a replica of a high school locker room. They are used with vastly different purposes. A first responder locker is built extra large to accommodate the specialized equipment and gear required. Depending on the provider selected there are options as big as 73 inches in […] Read More

Police Locker Room Client Spotlight on “Vernon Hills Police Department”

The Vernon Hills Police Department locker rooms were in need of updating. The Village and Police Department hired general contractor, MTI Construction Services, for a renovation that involved the personnel locker rooms, evidence lockers, detention lockers, storage assemblies and weapons racks. MTI Construction Services worked with the design team at The Hezner Corporation and Carroll […] Read More

When Traditional Steel School Lockers Remain the Right Choice

Lockers - they're as much a part of the middle and high school as textbooks and teachers. These days, it seems there are so many different locker choices available that it can be tough to choose the right ones to meet the needs of your school. Many facilities, though, are sticking with the traditional steel […] Read More

DeBourgh Steel Lockers

Lockers aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity.  Whether it’s at the gym, at school or on the job, you need a safe and secure spot to stash your gear.  The size, shape and style may vary but all lockers do the same job and they need to do it well.  Here are some of the […] Read More

High School Locker Room Client Spotlight on “Lyons Township HS”

The Lyons Township High School locker rooms were in need of updating.  School administration hired general contractor Henry Bros Co. for a major school renovation that involved the auditorium, school cafeterias, locker rooms and utility areas. Henry Bros Co. worked with DLA Architects, Ltd and the design team at Carroll Seating to plan a full update […] Read More

Building a Safer Locker Room for Students

Children today have a lot of very valuable possessions that they carry with them. With brand name sneakers costing upwards of $150 per pair, jeans at $65, and jackets even more costly, just the outfit that he or she changes out of it worth a great deal. However, when one also adds in the value […] Read More