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Discovering the right seating solution for your project can be an overwhelming task. There are so many choices and budget constraints mandate a thorough examination of the market. Browse through our posts to get many answers to your seating solution questions. As always feel free to hit us up if you have specific questions.

Stadium Seats With Cup Holders Are Actually That Important!

stadium seats with cup holders by carroll seating company

A recent article in a local Sacramento media outlet described the brand new Golden 1 Center where the Sacramento Kings will play in the upcoming season. Among the amenities were an innovative sky bridge, cushioned seating, and enhanced Wi-Fi. Despite all this, the article presented one major concern in the upper level seating - a […] Read More

What’s the Buzz in Interior Architecture?

interior architecture designs by Carroll Seating Company

U.S. commercial building construction spending has been on the rise for quite some time. The market shows little sign of slowing in the near future, too, which means more commercial buildings are being designed and re-designed to meet the needs of small and large companies alike. What's hot in commercial interior architecture design? Take a look […] Read More

3 Reasons Your Venue Needs High Quality Portable Seating

Carroll Seating offers customizable high quality portable seating

What really makes a venue perfect, from the smallest space to a vast expanse, is the aspect of versatility. By making a space highly adaptable it takes on a much wider range of possibilities. This means that logistics are easier because things can be re arranged and tailored for specific events, making event planning a […] Read More

Update Your Company Mailroom Now

Update Your Company Mailroom with Carroll Seating Company

What happens in your company mailroom from day to day? You likely have at least a few clerical assistants responsible for the sorting and delivering of packages, documents, and more to your entire team, and while you may not think about this job from day to day, it's absolutely vital to the success of your […] Read More

Seating Options Make a Difference

Carroll Seating Offers Many Seating Options

One things is true of every event and venue across the country – the seating makes the difference in many things. Whether the seating influences the ticket price, creates value for the event, enhances the experience or brands your event, it plays a critical role in how your venue is received. In many cases, seating can mean […] Read More

What You Need to Know about Upholstered Portable Seating

High quality custom portable seating

When looking to upgrade your current old metal folding chairs, you may want to consider customized portable seating. Comfortable, flexible, and reliable, portable chairs are perfect for any space. One of the quickest ways to turn a space into an event venue or meeting area is through the use of portable seating. If you have […] Read More

A Better Experience in the Grandstands

Stadium grandstands seating

Seating is one of the most important aspects when it comes to purchasing a ticket to your favorite event. The last thing you want customers to do is complain about the fact that they paid money for a subpar seating experience. Usually, there are a few reasons that the seating experience is less than stellar […] Read More

Benefits of a Meeting Room Upgrade

Meetings are an essential part of any business, and every good business owner knows that providing a the right kind of gathering space can maximize these sessions. If your meeting space hasn’t undergone an update in awhile, it might be time for a change. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see […] Read More

Design + Function

Just how important is design in your upcoming project? It means absolutely everything to the success of the project, and it's one of the biggest reasons people contact Carroll Seating Company again and again to ensure they get the right design. Wondering how we can help? Take a look. Visual Appeal - it's what drives […] Read More

The Best Seating Options for Auditoriums

Thinking of redesigning your auditorium? Working to create the  perfect atmosphere in a brand new auditorium? Your seating options matter more than any other design choice you'll make. How can you ensure you get the best? It starts with the decision to pick up the phone and call Carroll Seating Company. What's Going to Work […] Read More