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Your Cold Weather Outdoor Stadium Seating Options

outdoor stadium seating by Carroll Seating Company

Sports don't stop the moment cold weather comes on. In many areas, you have to have a space that's completely prepared for dedicated fans and the cold weather. As you search for outdoor stadium seating that can actually take the winter weather, where should you turn for help? Carroll Seating Company. The Carroll Advantage From […] Read More

What Are the Benefits of Recessed Bleachers?

benefits of recessed bleachers by Carroll Seating Company

In many areas, bleacher systems are nothing short of an absolute must. From school gyms to venues that may need extensive seating with serious flexibility, bleachers often offer the best possible seating at the lowest possible the cost. The problem? They can also be a serious space constraint. Enter recessed bleachers. They offer all of […] Read More

Getting the Bleacher Seating Parts You Need Fast!

Find all the bleacher seating parts you need from Carroll Seating Company

If the next season is on your mind, it might be time to start thinking about getting your bleachers in shape for what's to come. At Carroll Seating Company, we can handle all of your bleacher needs as well as bleacher seating parts and repairs whether you're in the middle of a season or you're […] Read More

Inspect Bleachers at Your Site – A Few Things to Know

Call Carroll Seating to inspect bleachers at your facility

Inspecting, improving, and repairing equipment regularly is the key concept of long life. Taking care of things means continual and flawless operation as well as reduced overhead, since you don’t have to replace something that is long past being fixed. When you inspect bleachers at your site, you're taking preventative measures that are invaluable. This […] Read More

5 Great Things Portable Bleachers Can Do for Your School

Look into Portable bleachers from Carroll Seating Company

In the world of school athletics, things are never static. In a single season, multiple sports can have games on the same day, and this means seating for parents, fans, and students. It would be nice if they all shared the same field and took turns using it, but we all know this isn’t the […] Read More

The Secret Ingredient to Successful Sports? Your Gym Bleachers

Hussey Gym Bleachers by Carroll Seating

What makes a sports team good? The players and coach are an obvious answer, that is the makeup of a team in its most basic form, but the secret ingredient into making a team truly good is their fans and the community created by the team. When players are out competing and trying their best, […] Read More

Stadium Seats for Bleachers

Ergonomic Stadium Seats with Backs

Traditional bench seating defines most stadiums today, but it's not always the most comfortable option. You can see fans continually toting in portable stadium seating, hoping to get the level of comfort they want throughout the game or event. It is possible to help your fans avoid the need to bring in their own comfortable […] Read More

Hussey Bleacher Accessories

Carroll Seating & Hussey make a great team

Carroll Seating and Hussey Seating know that adding customized school logos, mascots and emblems to your telescoping bleacher system can enhance school spirit. Using a special process we transform ordinary plain bleachers into the ultimate gymnasium to inspire your students, athletes and community. The designs are permanently bonded ensuring no peeling or scratching. The options […] Read More

Hussey – Auto Rotating Center Aisle Hand Rails

Rotating Center Aisle Hand Rails by Hussey

There are certain steps a company can take to ensure safety when their product is being used. Hussey Seating makes sure to roll the edges of all understructure steel to prevent sharp edges, they have always used closed loop railing so that backpacks, purses and other things can't get snagged accidentally and cause an injury […] Read More

The Benefits of Freestanding Bleachers

Choosing seating for any crowd event can be difficult. Whether it’s a soccer game, a concert, or a circus, bleachers are traditionally the best and most efficient seating mechanisms around. However, there are a few different types of bleachers you can consider purchasing for your venue or field. Perhaps one of the best options is […] Read More